Monday, November 19, 2012

SIC 'EM BEARS--A Contest!

I'm proud to be a Baylor Bear!

On Saturday night, my bears won a big game. A big, big game.

Against the (former) #1 team in the NATION.

In honor of the big win Saturday night, we're having a contest!

All that you have to figure out (or remember!) is the score of the Baylor vs. KState game. 
Once you've found the score, leave me a comment with the answer and your email address!

What will you win??

18 classroom supply labels in your colors or theme!! 
I will make them just for you!

Here are ones I've created previously, but yours will be created especially for you. :)

The first two people to comment will win...




  1. I Love your labels! Nice job! My colors are orange and blue.
    I think that we have played Baylor in basketball.

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Head on over to my blog to check it out!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. Hi Michele!

      Thank you so much for nominating me! I will be posting shortly!! :) In the meantime, though, I have your supply labels and I would love to email them to you. What is your email address?

      Thanks again for stopping by! :)

  2. I nominated your for a Liebster Award! To participate, visit my website and follow the directions (don't forget to leave a comment on my blog when you finish with a link back to your answers :)

    Teaching and Tapas: 2nd Grade in Spain

    - Alyssha

    1. Alyssha, thanks so much for the nomination--and all the way from Spain!! :) I really appreciate it!

      Because you were the second person to comment on this post, I'd like to make some supply labels for your classroom! If you could use them, just let me know what colors you would like!

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog to pick up your award and for the rules :)

    1. I really appreciate the nomination, Mrs. Lynes! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

  4. Ha!!! Love your blog (and by the looks of it, so do others :) I too nominated your blog for the same award. Come check it out when you get a chance.- Ms. H. Live, Love, Laugh in 2nd Grade

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination, Ms. H! :) I've left a comment on your blog about my post!


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