Sunday, December 23, 2012

I {love} puzzles.

While strolling the isles of Hobby Lobby yesterday, I spotted this little puzzle...

and I bought it.

I actually got an alphabet puzzle and a numbers one! 


Hobby Lobby will do that to you. 
You go in for one specific item (I needed gorilla glue) and come out with many more...
How do they do that?!

Anyways, I am so excited to use these floor puzzles as center activities with my littles!!
The numbers puzzle is only numbers one to ten, so it would be better for the young ones.
I really love the alphabet puzzle because of the extensions that could be used with it (alliteration, rhyming words, etc.)--and many grades could benefit from reviewing the alphabet.

 Not only are puzzles great for their fine motor skills, but they will be using critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork as well! It's neat, too, to see what kinds of puzzle strategies are used.

 Win, win, win. 

I'm planning to make recording sheets to go with each floor puzzle after the littles have finished.
Sharing is caring so I'll be sure to post those as a freebie for you!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, teacher friends! 

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