Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teaching to Change Lives.

So yesterday I was in Mardel's, just doing my Mardel's thing (walking through the book aisles over and over again, and over again some more) when I stumbled on this little gem of a book. 

I didn't purchase it for $15.00 because it was more than my gift card--
but I will find it for less, and I will buy it. 

My heart was stirred.

Dr. Howard Hendricks is the author and the things that he wrote really did something to my little heart. 

Like this:
The effective teacher always teaches from the overflow of a full life. 

He was specifically talking about being a learner, a seeker, and essentially a lifelong student. 
The world is full of new adventure, new understanding, new appreciation--and it is BIG. 
Becoming a teacher is not the end-all be-all and we will never know everything there is to know. 
We should seek.

This particular phrase challenged me as a follower of Jesus, as well. 
Jesus came so that we may have life--to give us joy, hope, freedom, peace, and life abundantly.
It says so in the Bible {John 10:10}.
For me, personally, when I spend time in the Word and focus on my relationship with the Lord,
{when I seek Him} 
the overflow is that I am more joyful, more hopeful, more peaceful, etc.
That's my desire for my classroom, too. That I would teach from a place of overflow. 

He compared teaching to water at one point, 
saying (this is my paraphrase) that we can either be rushing rivers or a stagnant pool.
The rushing river being a teacher who is continually learning, 
and the stagnant pool a teacher who is complacent--feeling like the learning is complete.

He basically asks if you would rather your students drink {learn} from a rushing river or a stagnant pool.
Today, and for the rest of my days, I choose the rushing river.

So, what about you?
Are you continuing to learn and to seek?
Are you teaching from the overflow of a full life?

Thoughts to ponder.

Thanks for letting me vulnerable. 
Be blessed this weekend, sweet teacher friends.

P.S. I don't know the author of this book and I was not asked to write this. 
These are my honest feelings!

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