Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Pattern Pass.

Included in both the TEKS (TX standards!) and the Common Core are standards about patterning. 
Identifying, creating, and extending patterns is something that our kids need to be able to do, 
so why not make learning about patterns engaging?!

When exploring patterning, I LOVE to use manipulatives. 
I think they are such a necessary part of helping our students build conceptual understanding!

My favorite pattern-making manipulatives/resources are:
pattern blocks
froot loops
and many many more

I want to share with you one of my favorite patterning activities that we just love.
All that you need is a variety of manipulatives (or a lot of one kind) to place on each table.
My kiddos worked in small groups--but pairs would work, as well!

I'm going to name this activity "Pattern Pass" because I'm not sure it has a real name--
so Pattern Pass it shall be!

The littles would create the core piece of a repeating pattern
(in an ABABAB sequence, the core is "AB" because it is the piece that repeats over and over again) 
using whatever manipulatives were available to them/whatever I had put on their tables. 
After creating the core, they repeat it once.

The little wants to create a repeating pattern with "AB" as the core.
Using manipulatives, the student illustrates the AB pattern and then repeats is once. 
So with manipulatives, the student would build ABAB.

Then, my kiddos would rotate clockwise around their learning club (table). 
The little rovers would then identify the core of the repeating pattern, 
and extend the repeating pattern of their friend!
My kids loved to try and stump their neighbors by making a tricky pattern, 
and they stayed engaged the whole time.
I love when that happens.

For a little something extra, 
give each little a dry erase marker and have them label the pattern 
using numbers, letters, or shapes!
The dry erase marker will wipe right off their desk (unless it's an unusual table--haha)!

It's a really simple activity that keeps the kids engaged and can easily be differentiated--
no matter the needs of your learners!
I love that is allows the kiddos freedom to create and challenges them to really think!

If you get a chance to use the idea, have fun pattern passing!

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