Sunday, March 3, 2013

My most favorite month of the year! :)

Y'all, I love March. I just love it.
((it has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday is soon + my name means go Ireland...))

Yes, well, I am quite excited to be linking up with Farley for the March Currently! 
I keep up with these each month because it has led me to many new bloggy friends--and I'm thankful!!

Have you heard of Rend Collective Experiment? 
They are awesome. 
{This} is my favorite CD--recorded around a campfire! Cool. 
Plus, they're from Ireland (what's my deal with Ireland today?!). 

(Thanks for the photo, google!)

I've already mentioned that I am loving the month right now! 

I'm still training for my 5K that's coming up really soon--and I'm ready for a little spring weather so my nose isn't so freeeeezing when I run!

Needing--totally some family time. 

This one was a little tricky for me--the like, love, hate that all have to begin with an "E."
I  like elephants--because look.

(Thanks for the photo, google!) Eeeeks I could squeeze him!!

I love Easter and early mornings (when I've had enough sleep, of course)! 
My 18th birthday happened to fall on Easter one year and it was seriously one of the greatest days. We celebrated my Savior defeating sin and death + my mom made the biggest spread of baked goods I've ever seen. All in pink. LOVE. 

I also love early mornings. Here's why:

They remind me that God is glorious. 
((Psalm 19:1))

And I think this is cheating, but I honestly don't hate anything that begins with an "E." Hmmm...

Thanks for stopping by, new friends and old! I appreciate it! 
In the coming days I'll be posting a super cute game idea!! Hope to see you then :)


  1. I'm also wanting springtime! Can't wait!! What a pretty sunrise picture!! :)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

    1. Thanks, Katie!! I love the sunrise--it always makes the morning drive worth it! I really appreciate you coming by! Have a great week!!



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