Thursday, April 18, 2013

FREE Apps I'm Loving!

For the first time ever, some technology fun!

Here are four FREE apps that I'm absolutely loving right now. They all focus on number sense!

((I'll introduce them top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.))

Motion Math
I love this app because kids will be composing and decomposing numbers in a fun way! The goal of the game is to feed the fish what he wants to eat (the glowing number that will appear on his belly), but not all of the floating numbers will add nicely up to that target number. 
Ex. The fish wants to eat a 5, but the sea anemone shoots out a 4, 2, 3, and 3. The student will then drag the 2 and a 3 together to make five--then feed the hungry fish!

Very similar to the hungry fish, the Sushi Monster is in the middle of a cafeteria line and gives the students a target number of sushi that he wants to eat. They will add plates together to compose the higher number, and then feed the Sushi Monster! I love this app because, again, it promotes that interaction with numbers that our kids so desperately need. 

Bananas Design
I love this app because it focuses on numerical patterns and relationships between numbers--which is huge for our kiddos! When parts of the hundreds chart goes missing, the student has to fill in the gaps. The students will have to apply skip-counting strategies, odd/even characteristics, ways to make ten, etc. A hundreds chart is a powerful tool in the primary classroom for emphasizing understanding of numbers and how they work in relationship with one another.

(p.s. no picture of this app because I only have my phone with me at the moment--this is an iPad only app :( sorry!)

Motion Math
I love this app because of it's use of the interactive number line. I've never seen anything (free) like this, but it is perfect for our early primary kids. The purchased version has higher levels, but I like free. :) When you open the app, a number line is there but something is missing. There will be a bubble floating with a number and the students goal is to place the number in the correct spot on the number line before a needle pops the bubble! They will have to scroll forwards or backwards on the number line to find the correct spot--tricky tricky. 

These apps are free because they are the LITE versions (but hey, I'm all about free!!). This gives you a great chance, though, to download the app for free, test it out a bit, and decide whether you'd like to purchase the whole deal. 
OR, you can just use the free version if it works for your kiddos.
I just wanted to share some apps that I'm loving!!

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  1. I think this post is wonderful! I love the Sushi Monster, what great practice in addition to looking terrific!
    Have a great weekend,
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!

    1. Thanks for hosting the party, Fern! :) Sushi Monster is hilarious and, yes! So much great practice!!


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