Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fist or Five + A Friend!

Needing a new formative assessment trick that you can use tomorrow?!
((hopefully you are on summer break, though, so tuck this little tidbit away for later!!))

Fist or Five is super easy and a helpful tool for assessing!
Basically, students will hold up a fist to represent zero or any number between one and five.
The numbers will be used to represent a scale of understanding:
Do you understand? How well do you understand? 
 Hold up a fist for "not at all," or five fingers for "yes, I'm an expert!"
Your kids can also use the numbers one through four to represent a scaled answer.

One thing that I love about this little strategy is that Fist or Five is beneficial for both the teacher and the student!!
The teacher, obviously, has a chance to formatively assess her kiddo's understanding and get a feel for where the class is at, what she needs to review, etc.
The student is engaged in reflective thinking--YAY! The kids will assess his or her understanding and develop those critical skills needed to monitor and self-reflect.
Y'all, it is awesome!

Here is one little rover trying to demonstrate a fist on the left and a five on the right...

But it's not really happening. Instead, we decided to be silly!

You'll just have to use your imagine on this one. In reality, they'd only hold up one hand.
It can be done in community circle, at the carpet, in the hallway, etc.
No materials are needed...well, just little fingers!
I sure hope you'll have a chance to try it! Let me know if you do!

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