Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Pin Linky: Science and Social Studies!

Y'all, I really like Pinterest. It's one of my very favorite places to get ideas because I am such a visual learner! Having a picture of an awesome anchor chart or math journal or whatever is SO helpful.
The problem is, though, that I pin so many ideas and don't get a chance to use them all!!
One day, friends, one day.

For today, though, I'm excited to link-up with Ashley Reed for her top ten pins party!
This week the focus is on science and social studies.

In no particular order, my favorite ten science or social studies pins with a tiny explanation about why I like them--and a link straight to the source (just click on the picture!!).


Thinking about really big distances is a challenge, especially if you're only 6! I love that this representation of the solar system gives kids something concrete to picture in their heads. 


This pin addresses a common misconception that many of our kiddos may believe: mittens are warm. Welllllllll, why does the mitten feel warm? 
Great scientific inquiry question (are mittens warm?) and you can connect it to children's lit!


Source: Science Bob

I did a similar activity as a student and loved it. I mean, who doesn't love an Oreo?!


I always love a good foldable--and science journal, too! She kept it sweet and simple, which makes it easy for me to implement this into my own classroom.


I LOVE this idea from Hope King. The lesson is all about animal adaptations and would actively engage kids and lead to such good discussion!


I just think this idea is too cute. She took a big idea (Presidential elections) and created a smaller election for her classroom. The kids made mini campaign posters, voted on their favorite way to eat corn, and discussed the results. A little bit of social studies + mathematics + lit all rolled into one!
P.S. Grace for President is one of my favorite books to read during election time!!


Source: Mrs. T

The idea of photo-journaling the year in a classroom is just too cute. This timeline could be a great base for writing and it's just so fun to see your year in review!


I just cannot get enough of this lesson on equality. I LOVE IT. Cara Carroll, for the win!


These little nesting cans are, again, a great way to give a big, abstract idea a concrete representation.


After searching high and low, I cannot find the source of this photo. Does anybody know?!

Good citizenship and character development are areas that I am really passionate about and I really like this teacher's idea about setting practical goals in different areas!

Thanks for sticking with me, folks! Hopefully you found a useful idea for the coming school year!!

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