Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday...on Monday!

So have you heard!?
There is a brand new party on the link-up block--SUNDAY FUNDAY!
{Molly} and {Deirdre} are the happy hosts, and you can link up at either of their blogs!

How cute is their button?!

I'm actually linking up on my Monday (eeps!), but it is still Sunday for many of you. 
Oh dear. It is officially Monday in both places! 

The highlights of my Sunday were church + a little thrifting!

As I was walking to church, one of the precious older ladies spotted me and picked me up! Haha. 
I'm really thankful because it is beginning to get quite toasty over here. April is the hottest month of the entire year and it seems to be approaching pretty quickly!

The message yesterday was on hope...
and guess what my word for 2014 is?!
You guessed it!
Am I surprised? No way! Because God is good and He knows me.

Then, I checked out a market and did some thrifting!

It may look like junky trash, but oh! So much treasure! I refrained from purchasing the frame, wooden trays, and lovely tin bowl because I just don't think they could make the trip across the ocean.

I ended my Sunday with a little bit of exercise, but that's it for Sunday Funday!
 Love this link-up, gals! 
(and sorry that I'm fashionably late!)


  1. I am so glad you linked up, my friend! How fun to go thrifting! The Bible is awesome in two languages! Have a great week!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. I enjoyed reading about your Sunday Funday. It's always wonderful when people reach out and help each other! I too had a great Sunday at church. In fact my family practically lives at church due to my husbands calling to youth ministty! Due to our crazy busy schedule on Sundays, I really needed this Funday Link up! Thanks for sharing!!
    News, Views & Stews


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