Friday, March 15, 2013

20 Questions--Tens Frame Style.

A fun little game to promote number sense--specifically subitizing with larger numbers.
I heard the idea at {this} conference from {this} precious lady!
Can't wait to try it with my kiddos!!

I like to think of this as Battleship+Memory+GuessWho+20Questions, but a little more math-y. 

Here is how to play:
Each student will need two tens frames or just one--depending on their level. 
Partner A builds a number on a tens-frame or twenty-frame (but don't show Partner B!!). 
They can use whatever counters you'd like, but I prefer the two-colored counters.
Partner B then has twenty-questions to try and recreate the number on his/her own frame.

The questions MUST be yes or no questions.

Here are a few examples:
Is the number larger than ten? 
Are three full rows full?
Are there any counters on the last row?
Is the number less than five?
Will I only use one tens frame?
Is your number between ten and 20?

And because I like you so much, here are a couple of tens frames for ya!
Either give one page to each child to be used as a twenty frame, 
or cut them in half for a set of tens frames. 
Nothing fancy--but totally useful!
Click the picture to download for FREE.
Thanks,, for the free fonts!

Print these on colored paper--and maybe cardstock (more durable for tiny hands!).

Happy Friday to you, sweet friends!

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