Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plastic Easter Eggs--Station Style.

Here are my two favorite ways to use plastic Easter eggs in the classroom!
I used both ideas with my firsties last year and they were a HUGE hit!!
The original idea came from {here} + {here}, but I adapted a bit and created my own recording sheets.
You can find those {HERE}!


Quick Teacher Tip:
It was REALLY helpful to teach my kiddos to snap the egg all the way closed!
(or else you'll end up with a bucket full of random letters :))

First up, ELAR--spelling, specifically.
This would be a great "word work" literacy station!
Use letter tiles or Banagrams squares to scramble up words that they students are working on/familiar with (spelling words?).
They take one egg out at a time and try to unscramble the word!
Make sure you number each egg and tell your kiddos to return all letters before opening a new egg.

I wish so badly that I had pictures with my kiddos!!! 
Also, I'd definitely put these in a different basket for my littles--but it's spring break and I'm at home. :)

This is really similar to the activity above, only with money instead of words.
Fill a set of plastic eggs with some fake coins, real coins, or printed coins.
The students will choose one egg at a time and find the total value of the egg.
Again, have your kiddos return the money to the egg before opening a new one!

I used stickers to label each Easter egg and my firsties matched the number on the egg to the number on their recording sheet. This helped them keep the stations organized and it helped me check their work!
Win win!!

So there you have it. Plastic Easter eggs--station style. 

The good news is that the plastic eggs are all over the place (Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target) and they're cheap cheap cheap! I saved my numbered eggs to use again and again! Hooray!

Have a lovely St. Patty's Day, teacher friends!


  1. Such fun ideas! Thank You!

    The Hive

    1. Thanks for coming by, Rikki!! The kids LOVE using the eggs as part of their stations--it's such a treat!!


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