Friday, April 12, 2013

Earth Day Tens Frame + Probability Toss {2 Freebies}!

Okay, so this is just a little something I made a while ago that I wanted to share with you.

Plus I added another freebie so now snag two activities for Earth Day!!

I think that tens frames are absolutely necessary when kids are learning to interact with numbers.
Your littles can practice composing and decomposing numbers, practicing different ways to make ten, part-part-whole, etc. Their interactions with numbers in the primary grades are SO SO important! 

You (well, your kiddos) just cut off the globes at the bottom to use as manipulatives--
you could have kids color the backs and use them as "two-color counters!"

Click on the picture to download your free copy!

Some ideas for using the tens frames:
1. Tens Frame Flash
2. 20 questions--see {this} post
3. Find all the ways to make ten
4. Put two together and have a twenty frame
5. It's kind of late and my brain ran out of ideas...for now :)


The second freebie is such a fun game and can be extended in SO many ways!

It's the Planet Earth Probability Toss.
Beach Ball Globe

Working whole class or in small groups, have the kiddos toss the beach ball globe. Keep a tally of where their right thumb lands: water or land. The purpose is for students to discover that there is so much more water than land!

If you have multiple groups of students collect data, you could compare the results and strengthen your findings! Super simple, yet really powerful.

Again, just click to download :)

I linked my freebies up with Jessica over at Second Grade Nest,
because she is having a linky party for all things Earth Day--love!!

AND I'm also linking up with TBA for Freebie Friday (which is over in 5 minutes...AHH!)! 
Last week, they had over 1,000 freebies linked up to their site! E-GADS!

My only request is that if you downloaded my tens frames, 
PLEASE let me know how you use them in your classroom!
I love hearing your ideas!!

Thanks a million!

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