Monday, February 3, 2014

Labeling with Sticky Notes.

I first saw this idea at {Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten} and have been waiting to use it for months!
Well, I actually found it while browsing Pinterest as part of some professional development.
Just kidding about the professional development. Pinterest should totally be PD, though!

Anyways, she got the idea from {Abby} and I simply tucked the idea away until I found the right time. FINALLY, the perfect moment arrived.

Julie used the activity to teach labeling, but I used it in my Kindergarten EFL class. 
My little Kinder babies are just beginning to learn English (having barely learned their first language!), so we were working on some basics and labeling the parts of the body. 

This activity followed some singing and dancing, Pictionary, and other activities used as we were learning the parts of the body. We took turns labeling each other and they got a kick out of labeling me. The Kinder kiddos were loving the activity and I can't wait to use it again! 

It is a really simple idea that only requires sticky notes and a writing utensil, 
but it is really powerful for the learners. 

Pinterest, Julie, and Abby for the win. Thanks, gals!

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